About SkillCentred

With over 35 years experience providing services to long-term unemployed, disadvantaged young people and Indigenous communities, SkillCentred is nationally recognised and awarded.

Community Services

SkillCentred participates in a number of community-based activities as part of our mission to improve the lives of individuals.

SkillCentred Constructions

SkillCentred Constructions boasts a diverse portfolio of work including community building projects, manufacturing, and installation of precast concrete ramp planks.

Training Available

SkillCentred offers a range of training programs including User Choice and Government funded
training available at no cost to suitable applicants.

Cherbourg Community Cafe & Training Centre

The centre provides an opportunity for Cherbourg to access introductory accredited training in hospitality and retail and by providing participants with an opportunity to undertake ‘real’ work in the café.

Moreton Bay Business Enterprise Centre

The Enterprise Centre is an initiative to support businesses in all stages of growth. With over 30 commercial tenancies, SkillCentred delivers services providing affordable commercial tenancy, training and mentoring to aspiring and existing business owners.


From Community Building to Precast Concrete Boat Ramps, find out more about our Construction Division here.

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Community Services

SkillCentred are committed to positively impacting our community, find out ways we do that here.