SkillCentred Constructions

SkillCentred Queensland Constructions Pty Ltd has been operating from Gympie since 1981.

We are a licensed community project builder, an experienced Boat Ramp installer and manufacturor of pre-cast concrete products.

Based out of our purpose built Trades Training and Construction Centre, SkillCentred works predominately throughout Queensland and Northern New South Wales.

We undertake all projects with a firm sense of environmental responsibility and occupational health and safety.

Precast Concrete Boat Ramp Planks

SkillCentred Constructions has worked in conjunction with the Department of Transport and Main Roads to develop, test and manufacture pre-cast concrete ramp planks for use in boat ramps. These planks can be found in numerous boat ramps throughout Queensland. We endeavour to continue to improve our practices and methods to ensure high quality, affordable product for our suppliers.  

SkillCentred Constructions has completed marine construction of boat ramps including plank manufacture and/or plank supply for the following sites*; 

• Sandy Hook Boat Ramp
• Burrum Heads Walkway Widening
• Tannum Sands Boat Ramp
• 1770 Agnes Waters Boat Ramp
• Bells Creek Boat Ramp
Booyan Boat Ramp
• Burnett Downs Boat Ramp Supply of Planks
Kalkie Boat Ramp Supply of Planks
• Riverview Supply of Planks
Carmila Boat Ramp Supply of Planks
• Carlo Point Boat Ramp and Floating Walkway
• Snapper Creek Boat Ramp and Floating Walkway
• Fairymead Boat Ramp
• Burnett Heads Boat Ramp
• Burrum Heads Boat Ramp and Floating Walkway

*Full list available on request

Boat Ramp Installations

Expanding on our expertise in the manufacture of ramp planks, SkillCentred Constructions has a specialised crew to install and rectify existing boat ramps. We adhere to and deliver on the Department of Transport and Main Road requirements for boat ramp installation. We believe our point of difference is our high-quality finish, experienced team and detailed stone pitching. 

Community Building

SkillCentred Constructions have undertaken numerous projects for local communities within the Gympie Region and many rural and remote communities throughout Queensland. With an impressive portfolio of completed projects featuring major construction projects, public amenity blocks, transportable cabins, community halls, shelters, traffic islands, and structural landscaping.

Boat Ramp Installations

A selection of images from recent Boat Ramp installations works.

Manufacturing Precast Concrete Ramp Planks

A selection of images from the manufacturing divisions supply and works.

Community Building Projects

A selection of images from SkillCentered’s extensive Community projects history.

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